Snapchatwow – how became a guru! Users reviews 2020

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Snapchat – это ключ!

Современная коммуникация является ключевым фактором в постоянно меняющемся мире передовых технологий. Благодаря развитию социальных медиа-платформ произошли значительные улучшения в области коммуникации. Появление Facebook Instagram Telegram Skype видеоконференцсвязи, телеконференции и Snapchat настроило весь мир на одну глобальную деревню.

These platforms have tried much to exert their relevant positions in the world of information sharing. For instance, the Snapchat is currently taking the world’s attention through its cool but sometimes terrifying features. Snapchat provides image messaging and multimedia services for mobile applications. It is a darling for many teens. Here, we are going to review this amazing but controversial application.

Snapchat users Reviews 2019

“Using Snapchat is fun. It gives me real time experience while I am at it . I can take a photo with a timer on for a specific set time limit. The timer will be visible for the set period of time. I can as well choose to add a text message before sending to anyone provided their username for Snapchat is available in my Snapchat contacts.” By MarrisaDon. The above experience allows you to control the content you send to other users. The content will appear in their Snapchat for the time limit you have set then disappear. Unless they screenshot your multimedia content, you will always stay in control.

“I am 14 years old and I use Snapchat to communicate with friends from 2012. It gave me an awesome opportunity to send live videos and photos on a real-time basis. It is also concerned about your privacy if you customize your settings. I just cannot withstand the thought of being restricted to use it because it is a real fun.” This was written by Taylor.

The app literally and virtually concentrates on the present moment. It practically creates an optical illusion of being physically present with the people you are communicating with. With the privacy settings enabled, you can connect with real life associates, compatriots or friends. This feature safeguards your privacy as an option depending on your decision to choose and use it.

“When I first used Snapchat, I found it as a social media platform for routinely connecting with my friends and family. However, with time, I discovered that I could share my current location with my friends and we can view each other on a Snap Map. Using this cool feature, I have actually found myself in a position to locate my friends and see what they are doing. It is pretty fun.” Written by Bradson.

You can also view the Snapchat Stories belonging to other users in different locations. The Ghost Mode is a pretty controversial feature that allows you to anonymously see others. It conceals your visibility and they would not be able to view you. This is quite advantageous if you are in a tempting situation where your friends try to hide everything they do from you with an intent of benefiting by their own. You can intrude and reveal to them their actual developments.

“Using Snapchat, I have been able to express myself to the world. It gives me access to photo filters which I use to change the tone and pitch of my voice in a recorded video. I can also modify my facial features by changing the appearance of my face to look like that of a cat.” Written by Tracyswift. The photo filters allows you to predominantly enhance customization of your pictures. You can send funny pictures including interesting stuff to your friends. This is absolute fun.

“Snapchat can unerringly act as a sexting site. Teens use it for sexting and they can easily fall into the sexual predators’ jaws. As a parent, I strongly disagree with this app. It is distasteful and disgusting.” Written by JamesonRex. It produces live nude pictures and this has an inferential result of ruining good morals among the kids. It is very dangerous and you should be careful with it. The ever impulsive teens will find these inappropriate acts interesting and it should be strongly monitored and followed to the later.

“The Ghost Mode feature of the Snapchat is a penchant of malicious intent. Allowing people to view my location without my consent while at the same time concealing theirs is dangerous.As a matter of fact, some people with questionable characters have stalked me to my home and this nearly led to a fight with my husband.” Written by Melindastephanie. Compulsively, if the intention of these stalkers is not genuine, you will be in an unsafe position. It breaks up families and a perfect mastermind of trust issues. It is generally not safe.

“The Discover Stories feature is not actually good as it seems. It is a composite cluster of sexual references, mature and inappropriate content and foul language. I tapped this feature and what I saw was actually disrespectful to my dignity. Since then, I have uninstalled the app from my children’s phones.” Written by CleverlyBaker. People can spread discriminatory tendencies through the use of foul undeserving language.

You cannot control what your teens do or what other people share in Snapchat. With the timer feature, the shared content can disappear after a few seconds leaving no traces of it. This encourages users to share anything they feel like, especially sexual explicit pictures.

“Snapchat is an amazing app but you need to use it with the necessary caution.” Written by Briksen.
Snapchat provides pretty cool features that are useful during fun time. Allowing you to share interesting and funny pictures including other thrilling stuff with your family, friends and acquaintances is really a nice experience. However, everything you do in Snapchat needs to be exercised with a lot of caution. You need to have set limits and play according to the rules of the game that will not make you an endangered species in the end.

“Use Snapchat responsibly and you will never complain. I have been exercising restriction to some sites and I am using it pretty well. However, you might have regrets if you innocently tap the Discover Stories feature.” Written by Donnelly. Snapchat comes with responsibility.

You should use it responsibly to make it a super-eminent app for you while detesting the possibility of turning it into a liability in your life. You should make use of the privacy settings to avoid unknown stalkers and communicate with the people you are only familiar with.

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