How To Check Friend’s Location On Snapchat?

Who would have ever imagined how powerful was snapchat going to be?

Improvements in technology have made it so simple for people to interact all over the world making it into a smaller global village. There are several features that if you are not sure of how to use then you will agree with me that you have been missing a lot.
So here we go, How to check friends location on snapchat? Have you ever checked on my friends? This is your time to learn much more about the location of friends on your snapchat. this mode will allow friends on your list to have a hint of what your location is and he only way this can be possible is if you are logged in. this will make your snapchat account to be active so that they can have your account can be visible.

What about an option for “Only These Friends”?

With this option, you are able to grant access to only specific friends on your list. This block other people from knowing your exact location on snapchat. So you always have the power to decide who view your location.
Here comes another option for your location “My Friends, Except” How can your enemy see your location on a SnapChat?

Of cause may not be worthy. They may plot something bad against you. So snapchat is so keen on your privacy especially on people you are not in good terms with. In such a situation, you can use “My Friends, except” option to block the unwanted contact to view your location on your snapchat map. Now that you have known about your privacy, how do you check friend’s location on snapchat?

You will not have so much to do, simply ensure you are logged in and your account is active. Then ensure your location on snapchat is turned on. This will get you close to knowing where your friends are. The second thing to do is to check your friends who are also active. Those who have turned on their location will allow you to check where they are currently located. You are all done, just as simple as such.

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