How to get rid of snapchat update 2019

How to get rid of snapchat update 2019?
Snapchat application is one of the popular apps among many youths who are in need of connecting with many people. In order to enjoy the app one needs to always update it because it will have some new features. However, if you are not comfortable with the updates you can get rid of them. It should be noted that it is not such easy of getting rid of the new updates more especially when you are still using the app. To be honest enough, the only best way to get rid of the updates is to turn off update automatically.
However, here are how to get rid of snapchat update 2019. How to get rid of snapchat update 2019.

The app delete The first way is to delete the app. Do not worry about the previous snap you had on your contacts. This is because all that you had will be retained. No data of yours will be lost. Turning off automatic downloads. Under your phone setting, you can turn off your app store download setting. This will help to stop all the updates that your snapchat will go.

Re-download Snapchat You can re-download an updated snapchat that do not need any updates. You need to uninstall your previous snapchat and re-download. For Android users they can also download the old snapchat version. You need to accept applications from unknown sources and accept the message it brings by pressing ok. How to turn off snapchat update 2019 If you want to turn off your updates you can follow the procedure below For Android devices

•Open your play store application
•Click on the setting while you are on the main menu
•Below the setting, under automatic update, turn it off This is a general turn off, meaning you will stop all the update in all your application. Auto- updates turn off on snapchat specifically
•On the play store, go to the snapchat app
•Click on the 3 vertical dots on the app
•Once you have done this you can turn the app updates off.

For ios devices With this device, you will only turn off the updates for all the applications and not for a specific app. So here is what you need to do üClick and open your app setting üSwipe on until when you see iTunes and app store üIn this, you will found automatic downloads click it and turn it off. By doing this you will turn off your app updates. Getting rid of snapchat update 2019 is very easy. If you are not in need of them you can get rid of them or you can turn off the new updates as we have seen.

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