How to unlock Snapchat trophies 2019? – Guru advice

What Snapchat trophies are?

They are emoji rewards gained by completing different activities in the app.
For instance, if you reach a high Snapchat score, using some filters, having your story appear on Live Story, or send stories from Discover, you will earn a trophy as a result. Your trophies will appear in the trophy box as emojies which can be found by clicking on your profile icon appearing on the top left of your phone’s screen. Technically, the trophies have little or no practical use, but they can increase gamification to the media sharing app and encourage users to continue using it. Therefore, in order to earn more trophies, you have to increase your activity on Snapchat. How to access your Snapchat trophies Below are steps to view your trophies:

•Open the Snapchat App
•When it opens, click on the Ghost icon on the screen of the camera
•Then tap on the trophy icon at the top of your profile screen
•Click on a trophy to view how it was earned How to unlock all your Snapchat trophies Here are easy ways of unlocking all your Snapchat trophies to bring your trophy case to an end
•Email emoji: this can be unlocked by verifying your email address
•Telephone emoji: to unlock this, go to settings and verify your phone number
•Videotape emoji: send a video to unlock this trophy
•Video camera emoji: it can be unlocked by sending 500 videos
•Movie cameray emoji: send 50 videos
•Flashlight emoji: use your front-facing camera with the flash on and send 1 snaps
•Loop once emoji: while playing a video, flip the camera
•Loop emoji: it can be unlocked by flipping the camera 5 times in one video
•Rotate emoji: to unlock this, flip the camera 10 times in one video
•Snowflake emoji: send a snap with the temperature filter below freezing to unlock this
•Sun face emoji: to unlock this, send a snap wiwth the temperature filter over 100 degrees
•Hear-no-evil monkey emoji: it can be unlocked by sending a video without an audio
•Magnifying glass emoji: send 10 photos that are zoomed in to unlock this
•Microscope emoji: send 10 videos using zoom
•ABCD emoji: can be unlocked by sending 10 snaps with large text
•Fried egg emoji: unlock this by sending a snap between 4-5 in the morning
•Moon face emoji: unlock this by sending 50 snaps while on night mode
•Peace sign emoji: send a snap that you applied two filters •Baby emoji: have a snapchat score of 10
•Glowing star emoji: have a score of 100

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