Why flash not working on Snapchat?

Why flash not working on Snapchat?
Why flash not working on Snapchat Following an update of Snapchat, many users have reported various problems with the back flash of their Snapchat cameras. If you are wondering why your phone’s back flash has stopped working on Snapchat, you are not alone. Many Snapchat users have reported this same issue. Most people started experiencing the problems after they installed the update that was released in 2016. The update was meant to only improve the performance of the app and fix some bugs experienced by users. Unfortunately, it ended up causing a problem in the process of solving others. So far, this problem is only encountered by users of iPhone and iOS, even though it could be experienced by Android users as well.

Can the back camera flash on Snapchat be fixed? So, is there a solution for this problem of Snapchat flash not working? Following the release of that update, there isn’t any solution to this problem. Snapchat users who have reported this issue on the official Twitter support account of Snapchat as of then have been told that the company is still reviewing the issue, but there is no solution to fix it. Some users report that they have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again. Others have tried closing and restarting the app on their phones. And some others have tried taking a photo first with the flash on, then recording a video. So far, neither of these has helped with the problem.

Snapchat has looked into the issue and this has caused them to release a better update that fixes this issue. Some users have said that installing the newest Snapchat update on their phones got rid of the issue of back flash not working. But if after installing the new version you still experience this issue, ensure to take snaps in places with sufficient light, otherwise, they will not appear so well. As soon as a new solution becomes available on how to fix this issue, you’ll be updated.

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