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What does it mean disk is full on snapchat?

It will be a dishearting thing when you realize that your disk is full in snapchat. You may not like that experience because you will get out that you are unable to do what you want because your disk is full. But the question we may ask is what [..]

Why flash not working on Snapchat?

Why flash not working on Snapchat? Why flash not working on Snapchat Following an update of Snapchat, many users have reported various problems with the back flash of their Snapchat cameras. If you are wondering why your phone’s back flash has stopped working on Snapchat, you are not alone. [..]

What is the hourglass icon on Snapchat?

What is the hourglass icon on Snapchat? Since Snapchat was updated in March of 2016, marking the launch of version 2.0, the new features have left many people clueless. One of these features is the hourglass icon. If you got this update, chances are, you have noticed a new [..]

How To Check Friend’s Location On Snapchat?

Who would have ever imagined how powerful was snapchat going to be? Improvements in technology have made it so simple for people to interact all over the world making it into a smaller global village. There are several features that if you are not sure of how to use [..]

How to get rid of snapchat update 2019

How to get rid of snapchat update 2019? Snapchat application is one of the popular apps among many youths who are in need of connecting with many people. In order to enjoy the app one needs to always update it because it will have some new features. However, if [..]

Easy way How to get gifs on snapchat!

To bring in a moving gif on an image is one of the best features that was added to snap chat. This is a technology that has led to pizzazz in anyone who adds their snaps. Over some years gifs were missing in apps that are more of chatting. [..]

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