How to Delete Snapchat Messages?

Snapchat conversations tend to vanish after some time, be it texts, videos, or photos, and most people don’t consider deleting messages as an issue. However, it is now possible to save messages on Snapchat. More so, some people may use third party apps to save messages while others can even screenshot conversations. If you are concerned about your privacy on Snapchat, then you should consider deleting sensitive messages from time to time. Saved messages are not safety proof as there are potential privacy leaks. For instance, someone may snoop over your phone or it might get lost and end up on the wrong hands. Hence, learn how to delete Snapchat messages to avoid privacy issues.

Deleting Saved Messages

Now that latest Snapchat versions allow saving messages by long pressing on the communication with a contact, it means you can see Snapchat like traditional messaging apps where texts are saved as a thread. Here are the steps on deleting saved messages.

Deleting Individual Messages- Tap on the main inbox screen and long press on individual messages you want to delete. This makes the bold styling to disappear. Once you go back to the conversations, the messages you selected will have been deleted. The messages you did not select will not be deleted.

Deleting All Messages at Once- Deleting one message at a time can be a long and time consuming process. Hence, you can choose to delete all your saved Snapchat messages at once in case you don’t want to leave any single saved message behind. To delete the entire thread at a go, tap on the avatar icon at the capture window and then click on the gear or cog icon. You will get a menu and from this menu, click the “clear conversations” option. Pick on the threads you want to delete and then click “X” besides the thread conversation. Once you hit “X”, the thread will be permanently deleted.

You can cross check whether the saved messages have been deleted by going to inbox and looking for the thread you just deleted. You will not find it there as it is already deleted. In case you missed deleting a certain thread, just repeat the procedure to have it deleted.

Deleting Sent Messages

Snapchat does not have a way of deleting sent messages that are already read or someone took a screenshot of them. However, if you have sent a message to someone and they are yet to see it, and may be you sent it by mistake or you regret sending it, then you can keep them from seeing it. The first method is using third party applications for erasing Snapchat history permanently.

These applications are designed to assist users to delete sent snaps and messages from their account and the account of the recipient before it is seen. Another way, which may not sound that pleasing, is deleting your Snapchat account immediately before the sent message is read. This wipes your data completely including your sent messages. However, if someone has already read the message and took a screenshot of them, then it will be too late.

These tips on How to delete Snapchat messages will surely assist you in enhancing your social media experience by protecting your privacy. After all, deleting messages will also save space in your phone. Deleting messages on Snapchat will also keep you from remembering terrible conversations since once you delete them, you cannot reread them again.

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