How to Recover Old Snapchats on iPhone?

Chats and snaps sent through Snapchat get deleted automatically once they are viewed or their timeout has expired. Thus, Snapchat is different from most conventional apps that enable photo and video sharing as a way of social networking. When you share a snap on Snapchat, you have the freedom to decide how long it will be viewed, with the upper limit being 10 seconds. Once the receiver opens the snap, it will be deleted from them once time is up. What if you want to view an old Snapchat message, photo, or video? Is there a way to recover old snaps? Is there a way to recover a Snapchat that has expired or got deleted? If you are asking yourself such questions, here are some tips on how to recover old Snapchats on iPhone.

Manual Recovery
If you want to recover old Snapchats ion your iPhone manually, open your favorite fine manager application. Find a folder labeled “var”. Open this folder and find more sub-folders within. From here, select a sub-folder labeled “Mobile”. More folders will show up and here select the “Applications” folder. Here, you will find folders saved using random codes and numbers. Search for a folder with a “Snapchat” folder in it. Once you trace this folder, open it up and find “tmp” folder. Open then “tmp” folder and find your old snaps here. You can open them one by one and may be take screenshots of the ones you don’t want to lose again.
This manual process of recovering old snaps on iPhone can be tedious for many and you might not be lucky to find the specific folders if some are hidden and you don’t know how to unhide them. If you want more advanced and easier ways of recovering your old snaps, then use third party recovery applications. Here are some top apps to try.
FonePaw Data Recovery for iPhone
FonePaw promises to recover old photos and videos that have been deleted from your phone or they expired. Download the trial version of the application and install it to your computer. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable to the PC. Launch the FonePaw application and allow it for some seconds to detect your iPhone. Once detected, click on “Start Scan’ and let it do the magic of scanning data. Once scanning is complete, click on “App Photos” to check whether there’re any deleted snaps. If yes, then click on “Recover”.
If you are not lucky, try another application such as “iPhone Data Recovery” for iOS. It works for iPhone 5 to 7. It works almost the same way like “FonePaw”. You can install it on your Windows or MAC PC. Run the application and plug your iPhone into the PC using a USB cable. Once your phone is detected, click “Recovery Mode”. Wait for the scanning process to conclude. Select the type of file to scan. For instance, select “App Photos” if you want to recover Snapchat photos. Click “Next” and wait for the process to finish. Then preview the recovered photos and click on “Recover”. This will save them on your PC.
Well, these tips on how to recover old Snapchats on iPhone can help you to recover an interesting snap that got deleted. Give each method a try. One method might not work for you hence find another method if one fails till you recover some of the old Snapchats you are missing.
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