How to Save Snapchat without Knowing App?

How to Save Snapchat without Knowing App

Snapchat is loved for its various practical features and the clear interface it provides. However, when it comes to privacy, it is a bit stringent. For instance, when saving someone’s snap, Snapchat notifies them that so and so has saved their snaps. Sometimes, you want to save a snap without being discovered by the sender for one reason or another. Basically, snaps expire after a certain period of time, usually up to 10 seconds, and public posts known as “Stories” expire after 24 hours. May be you have seen an interesting snap and you want to save it stealthily without being known. Well, here are some top tips on how to save Snapchat without knowing apps. These are third party apps both for Android and iOS Snapchat users.

SnapBox- for iOS

SnapBox is an ideal app for iPhone users for saving Snapchat videos and photos secretly. This app enables an iPhone user to save videos and photos for as long as they wish. You will delete them whenever you wish and the sender will never know you saved their snaps. When you receive a Snap you want to save, open SnapBox and login with your Snapchat details to have the snap saved.

Snapchat Saver- for Android

Snapchat users on Android platform can use Snapchat Saver to save snaps stealthily without being known. It is one of the most popular apps for this feature on Android. It allows a user to save video and photo snaps. With this app, it is also possible to save video and photo stories. You should save the snaps you want using Snapchat Saver app before opening them directly on Snapchat.

SnapSave- for Both Android and iOS

SnapSave is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Although it was removed on Google Play Store, Android users can still get it by searching it through their popular search engine. iOS users can download it from App Store.

SaveMySnaps- for Android

This app works on Android platform. It enables a user to view snaps through it and download them without the sender ever discovering. However, remember to save snaps from within SaveMySnaps app before viewing them directly on Snapchat.

Casper- for Android

Casper app is created by the same creator as that of SaveMyApps. It is not available on Play Store for it is a Snapchat replica. Android users can download it from Casper’s website or any other source they prefer. It offers the ability to save stories, photos and videos. It also has extra features that other apps may lack such as forwarding snaps. However, since it is not an official Snapchat app but a replica, it can have some limitations or buggy performance but it is one of the best how to save Snapchat without knowing apps available for android users.

QuickTime- for iOS and Mac OS

This is a screen recorder utility that only works for iOS and Mac. You install the app on a Mac OS and connect your iPhone to the Mac. Then record your iPhone screen activity while viewing snaps. This way, you will record all snaps as a video that will be saved on your Mac without the sender knowing. Android users can use “MirrorGo Android Recorder” as it works the same was as QuickTime.

Please note that this is not a complete list of applications available for saving snaps without being known. You can find more apps but from this list, you will surely find an app that you will like and do the magic for you.

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