How to Secretly Screenshot Snapchat iPhone?

How to Secretly Screenshot Snapchat iPhone?

The basic design behind Snapchat is that all chats, photos, and videos disappear automatically after the set time elapses. The sender predetermines the time such as 10 or even 5 seconds. This social networking app is based on temporary communication unless a recipient chooses to screenshot the Snapchat. In case a recipient screenshots a snap, a notification is sent to the sender that a certain recipient has taken a screenshot for certain number of times. However, in the world of social networking, not everyone feels comfortable having their Snapchats saved without their knowledge. Hence, how can you screenshot snaps secretly? Here are some tips on how to secretly screenshot Snapchat iPhone.

Using Your Mac

Traditionally, people would launch their Snapchat, put the iPhone on airplane mode, take a screenshot, and then turn off airplane mode. However, this no longer works in newer updates of Snapchat. One of the best alternatives that work on all iPhones is taking screenshots using a Mac. In case you own a Mac, use QuickTime app to record your iPhone screen. You will simply record a video of your iPhone screen while using Snapchat and then extract screenshots from the video. This way, Snapchat will not detect that you took a screenshot since you don’t take it directly with your iPhone. This method comes with an advantage of giving you high quality screenshots and you can make as many screenshots as you want without the sender being notified.

Using Third-Party Applications

Although Snapchat makes updates to kill most third-party apps, more apps still come up to take screenshots stealthily without sending notifications. For instance, an app such as “dr. fone iOS recorder” does the trick. It saves videos and snaps secretly without sending any notifications. It is simple to use and runs on iOS version 7.1 up to version 11 for iPhone and iPad. You can find more apps on App Store to do the trick. Ensure you keep them updated for enhanced performance.

Jailbreak Tweaks

If you are an iPhone user who prefers jailbreak tweaks rather than the App Store, then you can get around Snapchat notifications by installing Snapchat Log. This is a free package available on Cydia that records all the received and sent snaps. The sender will never be notified of such activity. Other jailbreak tweaks include GhostPrefs, Snap +, and Phantom. These tweaks integrate within Snapchat to give you unlimited Snapchat experience without being noticed.

Using another Phone

If you are looking for a totally simple way of how to secretly screenshot Snapchat iPhone, then you can use another phone. If you don’t have two phones, you can borrow your friend’s or partners phone. The trick here is to record a video of a snap or take pictures of the snap using another phone. However, taking a video is better since the snap will disappear within seconds. Start recording a video and then start the snap footage. Then take screenshots from the recorded video. However, the quality will depend on the camera quality of the phone you are using to record the video.
With these tips, you can always save the snaps you always wanted by taking screenshots secretly. These tricks work like charm and the sender will never feel uncomfortable since they will never know that their snaps were screenshot.

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