How to use Snapchat for windows phone?

Snapchat is officially one of the most-used applications worldwide. This is one of the main reasons why snapchat for windows phone has a number of people interested in. Users who own Windows phone want to be finally able to download the application and enjoy sharing selfies and videos with all the exciting features offered by Snapchat.

Is It Going To Ever Be Available for Windows Phone?

The interest on the topic was so high that users even started signing a petition, demanding to make the application available for Windows phone. Interestingly enough, the owners don’t seem to be very interested in making the application available for Windows devices. In fact, when launching the application the owner’s target audience didn’t include even Android users. However, considering the growing number of people who own Android devices, the company finally decided to launch the application for Android as well.

Why Aren’t Owners Interested to Have the Application for Windows?

The rise of interested on the topic by the time led to the discussions of reasons and possibilities of having Snapchat available for Windows phone. A number of users claim that the owner simply is not interested in Windows products which is why the app is not available for them. In fact, many users believe that the application initially was designed for IOS users and the target audience will remain the same no matter the competition on the market. On the other hand, there are users who claim that the owner of the company is a Windows hater and will never consider making Snapchat for Windows phone.

Is There an Alternative for Snapchat for Windows Users?

Unfortunately, there is no alternative for those of you who own Windows phones. In 2014 there was a try made by a Windows developer to create an alternative for Windows owners but it wasn’t successful as Snapchat blamed him for violation of authority rights and asked Microsoft to ban the alternative application.

Interestingly enough, even after that Snapchat wasn’t released for Windows Phone which means that the high demand does not always force companies to launch their product for the specific audience.

Will Snapchat ever Be Available for Windows?

According to the developer of the alternative Snapchat version, Rudy Huyn, there is no hope of the application to be available for Windows. In fact, the application has had many securing issues when integrated with third-party APIs and due to that, the owners have put strict security rules.

Unfortunately, Snapchat remains the most high-demanded application in the market that is not available for Windows devices. The worst part of that is that it won’t be available anytime soon. Although Huyn seems to be very optimistic about his new project (which is aimed to serve as an alternative for Snapchat) Windows users still seem to have their doubts after seeing how all alternative options were banned by the owners of the Snapchat.

Well, as they say, hope dies last. So, let’s wait and see whether someday the owners will finally decide to make the product available for Windows Phone and satisfy all users.

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