Keep an advice – How to Use Snapchat Map?

How to Use Snapchat MapSnapchat has been at the forefront of adding new features to outdo its social media network rivals. One of the recent features added is a map. The Snapchat map makes it possible for Snapchat friends to share their locations or simply view their own location on the Snap map. This feature is available globally for all Android and iOS Snapchat users. This makes it possible to bring friends closer. This is a new way of exploring the globe since you are able to see where your friends are spending their time out and the activities they are doing at specific locations when they share their locations as a story. Interesting right? Well, here are some tips on how to use Snapchat map.

Accessing Snap Map

The first thing you should do is turning on your location in settings. This will enable you to use location features of your phone in general. Also, ensure your Snapchat is updated. Once done, launch Snapchat and go to the camera page. Then pinch on the screen like you are trying to zoom something out. This will take you to the map directly. You will be able to see friends who have enabled Snap map and events happening around you. You will also have an option for sharing your location with everyone on your friend list or specific friends. The map also has a “Ghost” mode feature that lets you hide your location from everyone else. This mode also gives you a ghost icon over your avatar face on Snapchat map.

Finding Friends on Snapchat Map

Every Snapchat map user can select a bitmoji for their map but if they don’t link this service with their account, then they will have a blank bitmoji. To find friends on Snap map, launch the map and tap on your friend’s bitmoji and start a chat to see their current location.


Using Snap map comes with obvious privacy implications. Snapchat updates your current location every time you have the application open. Unless you are cautious, strangers can access your location if they are among your “friends”. The best thing is disabling location sharing when you are not comfortable about sharing your location or sharing your location to specific friends only.

Disabling Location Sharing on Snapchat Map

In case you don’t want to continue sharing your location on the Snap map, you can disable location sharing. To do this, launch Snapchat and go to Snap map. Then click on your map avatar and select settings by clicking on the bar that will pop up at the bottom of your screen. Select “Enable Ghost Mode” to hide your location from the map. This way, you will be able to see your own location but no one else will see it. If you want to disable your location on Snap map completely, go to location settings under your phone’s settings and disable location services for Snapchat. This way, you can use location features for other apps apart from Snapchat. You can as well disable location from your phone to disable location from all apps.

These tips will enlighten you on how to use Snapchat Map on either iOS or Android phones. You can play around with the feature to discover more capabilities. The more you use it, the more you will find it easy to navigate through all the Snapchat map features.

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