Snapchat emoji meanings 2019

Snapchat emoji meaningsIf you are a Snapchat user who is customized to sending and receiving snaps from friends, it is quite possible that you have been coming across multiple emoji icons. You will find these icons just next to the names of your friends on the chat tab.

There is no doubt that although many Snapchat users have gotten used to these emoji, they may not be having any clue of what any of them means, and they may be scratching their heads now and then, trying to figure out their meaning. But before we get to the real meaning of each emoji icon, you better know that they generally tell more about the status of your friendship with those friends whom you have in your Snapchat.

You see, the fun in using the Snapchat app is that it can easily track how you chat with your friends, whether individually or in a group. After tracking your snapping habits, the app assigns a certain emoji beside the name of each of your friends.

This is done according to the level of the friendships or interactions. These emoji changes according to the way you continue messaging with your friends. However, you should note that they don’t tell the real life status of your friendship. In your Snapchat, there are several emoji, each with a meaning. Let’s now see what each means.

Yellow heart. This emoji means that you have become a best friend to someone you have been rarely snapping before, but you have begun snapping him or her frequently of late. This implies that you two are the best friends to each other.
Red heart. This emoji comes after the yellow heart. It simply means that you have retained the best friendship with someone for a longer period of time (two weeks).
A smiling face bearing smiling eyes. This appears beside a name of one of your best friend in Snapchat, but the friendship is not that strong as that of your number one best friend.
Grimacing face. This emoji bears its teeth as if it is grimacing. When it appears beside a friend’s name, just know that you share your number one best friend with him or her.

Smirking face. A smirking face appearing beside your friend’s name means that you are the best friend to that friend but your best friend is someone else other than that friend ( you have someone else as your number one best friend).

A face with sunglasses. An emoji wearing sunglasses means that you and the friend that bears that emoji share one of your best friends.
Spackles. This emoji appears when you are snapping with a group of friends. This enables you to identify all those friends in your chat tab that are included in your group chats.

Baby emoji. This appears beside a friend who recently added you as a new friend to him or her.
Fiery flame. This emoji means that you are super active. It appears beside a friend’s name whom you have been actively snapping with for the past several days.

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