Why Snapchat not working on Android?

Snapchat is a popular social media application having more than 500m downloads on the android play store. It usually works well on all Android devices, but sometimes, it shows an error message saying “Unfortunately, Snapchat has stopped”. The app may also freeze or simply stop working. Many Android users complain about this issue, especially the ones using rooted android devices. This can be annoying at times but is easily solvable. Here is a list of few proven solutions to fix the Snapchat not working on android.

1. Clear the App cache

Too much of app cache can slow down your device in general. Also, it might be the reason behind the crashing of the Snapchat app on your device. So, it’s a good idea to clear the app cache to speed your device up. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clear app cache:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your device.
Step 2: Select Apps.
Step 3: Search for Snapchat and select it.
Step 4: Select ‘Clear App Cache’.

After this, you can launch the Snapchat app and check if it’s now working properly.

2. Clear the app data:

If clearing the app cache didn’t work, you may need to clear the app data. Follow the steps mentioned below to clear the app data:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your device.
Step 2: Select Apps.
Step 3: Search for Snapchat and select it.
Step 4: Select ‘Clear App Data’.

3. Update Snapchat

If both of the above solutions don’t work, this could be because of using an older version of Snapchat and you may need to update it. Snapchat provides regular updates which include performance improvements and bug fixes. To update your app, just follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the Play Store app on your device.
Step 2; Open the options menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines located at the top left corner.
Step 3: Select “My apps and games”.
Step 4: Select Snapchat and click on ‘Update’.

Updating the app solves most of the bugs on the android devices. So once your app is updated, you can launch it to check if it’s working properly this time.

The Snapchat not working on Android issue can usually be fixed using one of the solutions mentioned above. But if the problem still persists on your device, there can be some other software or hardware issue. Some of them are mentioned below with their respective solutions (if any):

1. Old Software Version

Snapchat isn’t compatible with some of the older Android versions. So check for any software updates available on your device. Updating your software can fix this issue, but if there aren’t any software updates available for your device, you are out of luck.

2. Unsupported ROM or Firmware

If you have recently installed any custom ROM or have done a mod on your stock firmware, then you might face compatibility issue with Snapchat. The best possible solution is to re-install the stock ROM and Firmware on your device.

3. Incompatible Hardware

Some Android devices don’t support Snapchat in the first place if the hardware of the device isn’t compatible with the app’s requirement. In this case, you can’t use Snapchat on your device.

We hope this guide helped you to fix the Snapchat not working on Android issue on your device. In case you need further help regarding this problem, you can send Snapchat an email or report the problem to the developer.

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