Why Snapchat Not Working on WiFi?

You might be connected to a Wi-Fi network while using Snapchat and all of a sudden, you are unable to load snaps or send snaps and your app won’t connect at all. Here are some fixes you can try if Snapchat is not working on wifi.

Update Your Snapchat

Maybe the app is not working on your phone if it is not up to date. App developers are always improving the functionality of apps and they release updates that fix software bugs, adding new fixtures, and enhancing security to protect a user. If you are using iPhone, check for an update on App Store and if you are on Android, check for an update on Play Store. If your Snapchat is updated and still fails to work on a Wi-Fi network, then try the next fixes.

Restart Your Phone

It might be that your phone has a software issue and requires restarting to fix the issue. Restarting a phone enables software to shut down and restart afresh. This may fix a minor bug making Snapchat not to work. Once the phone restarts, connect to the Wi-Fi network and open Snapchat to check whether it can now work.

Turning Wi-Fi Off and On

Restarting Wi-Fi on your phone might fix the problem in case it is a minor connection bug making it fail to connect. Simply turn Wi-Fi off and then back on after some few seconds. You can do this by going to the settings option and selecting Wi-Fi for both android and iPhone. Then slide the Wi-Fi button off and on. Once the phone connects, try to use Snapchat and see if it works.

Forget the Saved Wi-Fi Network and Reconnect

The first time your phone connects to Wi-Fi, it will save the connection data. However, if part of the data is changed or the saved data gets corrupted, it will prevent your Snapchat from connecting. Forget the network through Wi-Fi settings and then reconnect again to check whether Snapchat can now work. Make sure you know the password before forgetting the network as you will need it to reconnect.

Try Connecting Your Phone to another Wi-Fi Nework

Sometimes, the problem might not be your phone or Snapchat. It might be a problem with your Wi-Fi network or internet service provider. Try connecting your phone to another network, maybe at your workplace, neighbor, library, a hotel, or anywhere else. If this fix works, then you will need to fix your own Wi-Fi network. Try to reboot your router to see if it will solve the issue or else contact your network provider for support.

Reset Your Phone’s Network Settings

Another fix you can try is resetting your phone’s network settings. This may erase all the saved data including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VPN settings. Before you erase these settings, ensure you know your username and password for your Wi-Fi network to avoid creating additional problems. Once you reset the network settings, reboot your phone and connect to Wi-Fi and check whether Snapchat will work.

Reinstall Snapchat

Maybe your Snapchat has a bug or software issue thus it won’t work on Wi-Fi. You can uninstall the app and install it again to see whether it works.

Software issues tend to be tricky to find the exact source of a problem, thus you may have to try different solutions. From these tips, you will most likely find a working solution in case Snapchat is not working on wifi connections.

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