Why snapchat sound not working?

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If you have happened to play a Snapchat story or a snap video, but you are not hearing any sound, then it means sound is not working. There can be many causes of the problem. The goal is to troubleshoot and work around different fixes when Snapchat sound not working for you until you hear sound. Try these fixes if you are faced with this problem.

Disable Silent Mode

Maybe you put your phone in silent mode accidentally or you forgot to turn back sound on. Some phones may not play Snapchat sound when the phone is kept in silent mode. Go to your phone settings and enable ringer or loud on the phone to make it auto play Snapchat stories and videos with volume immediately you open them. This may fix the problem in case silent mode is the cause.

Turn the Volume Button Up

Try turning up your volume button as soon as a Snapchat story starts playing. Maybe your phone or Snapchat is unable to play sound automatically when viewing Snapchat videos. When you press the volume up button, it may initiate sound from Snapchat and this may solve the problem.

Turn Snapchat Microphone On

If you have snapped a video and sound is not working after sharing it, may be the microphone is turned off. Simply go to Snapchat settings and turn the microphone on. Then try to snap and check whether your snap will now play with sound.

Disable Bluetooth

If you are still unable to hear sound from Snapchat, turn off Bluetooth on your Android or iPhone. This will ensure that no other Bluetooth accessories are connected to share sound from your phone. Maybe an accessory is connected and Snapchat sound is being transmitted to the accessory. Once you turn Bluetooth off, try to play Snapchat stories to check whether the sound problem has been resolved.

Reboot Your Phone

Some minor system bugs might be the cause of the Snapchat sound not working problem and you will need to reboot your phone. Rebooting or restarting your phone will refresh the phone operating system and applications will also start afresh and bugs causing the sound problem might be fixed this way.

Uninstall and Reinstall Snapchat

Maybe your Snapchat app has some software bugs that are making its sound to malfunction. You can uninstall the app and reinstall it to see whether this will fix the sound problem.

Check Whether the Side Switch Is Set To Mute

If you are on iPhone, Snapchat sound may not work when side switch is set to mute. If it is set to mute, reset it to “rotation lock” in the settings or switch it off. Then try playing snaps to see whether the sound problem has been fixed.

Check Sound on Other Apps

If you have tried other fixes and your Snapchat sound not working problem is not yet resolved, check whether other apps have sound. First, ensure sound is on and the phone is not set to mute. Also ensure volume is set up to the maximum and Bluetooth is off. Then try other apps such as YouTube or play music from your phone. If they have sound, then the problem is Snapchat. If no sound, then your phone may be having a loudspeaker problem. Try using headphones or earphones and if they have sound, then your loudspeaker may be faulty or your phone has other system sound problems.

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